“…an invitation into a mystery.”

“…it is both abstraction and impression.”

“…transformed by light and color.”

“…gorgeous, overlapping, interwoven, organic shapes.”
– Sandra Basile


Finding the Light

Mimo Gordon Riley will be featured in a solo exhibition at the
Granite Gallery, Tenants Harbor, Maine
August 11 – 16, 2023
Opening Reception Sunday, Aug 13 (1-5pm)

exhibit Home 1

Where Were You?
12×12”, oil on canvas, 2023

Unseen By Many

Unseen By Many
20″ x 20″, oil on canvas, 2023

exhibit Home 3

In Their Own Way
8×8”, oil on canvas, 2023

exhibit Home 4

Hidden Joy l
16×20”, oil on canvas, 2023

About the Show:

While painting nature, the time goes by very slowly for me. You don’t know if it’s yesterday, today, or tomorrow, and it doesn’t really matter.  Sometimes I paint nature from observation, but mostly from memory. I grew up way out in the country and was the youngest by five years in my family. I spent a lot of time alone…in the woods, in the fields, by the pond, in the garden. I stored up images, enough to last me a long time.

To me, what matters most is the light… the light that differentiates one part of the painting from the other, the light that butts up against the dark. By surrounding the light, the dark defines it. It’s the dark that makes the light, therefore you can’t see the light without seeing the dark, and that’s what makes the painting come together as a whole.